Peer Critique #1

Yesterday I had the opportunity to look at Emily’s project and the progress she has made. I love the idea behind it and thought it looked great (realizing the focus is on functionality for now and not so much on formatting). Not having been a music major myself I cannot fully speak to relevance of it, but based on her motivation for building it and her explanation of its purpose, I believe music students will benefit greatly from a tool like this. While she has made a lot of progress and has great ideas, there were little things I noticed that could help create a more fluid experience.

One of the tools on the site is a place to submit journal entries that will then be emailed to a designated person such as the professor or section leader (in this case it is being sent to Emily). The form that loads has places for the student’s name, email address, and two questions to be answered. If one of the areas is left unanswered, the page will refresh with a message to please fill in all boxes. When the page reloads it clears all of the information from the form. I mentioned that having a pop-up or something similar might be a better option. I can imagine if I had written a solid journal entry but forgot to fill in my name and then lost all of my work, my second attempt at it would definitely not be as well done. By having the error message display in a way without reloading the page, it will help avoid any problems that may arise from having all the information cleared.

Another small suggestion I made was having a home button or a link somewhere on the page so students can return to the main page more easily. Having to click the back button isn’t that taxing, but when you get into the different skills, if you were to click on a series of skills to read more about each one you would then have to click the back arrow that number of times to return to the homepage and access other resources on the site.

Overall, I think Emily has done an excellent job up until this point and I’m excited to see how the final product turns out! I’m impressed by the progress she has made in just seven short weeks!

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