Thanks for the memories, Fall 2015

It’s hard to believe my first semester in the IP&T program is done. Starting the program three and a half months ago, I could never have imagined how perfectly this program would align with all of my interests. To be surrounded by faculty members and peers who have the same passion for teaching & learning and the sincere desire to help others has been such a blessing. I am so grateful for the growth I have experienced personally and academically in this short time.

I wanted to highlight some of the key concepts I took from this semester Continue reading

Hey, mom, this is what I’m studying!

To friends & family who still have no idea what I am studying in grad school, here is an explanation (albeitĀ a little wordy) about the field I am currently in…

Many people hear the name Instructional Psychology & Technology (IP&T) and only focus on the word psychology. Immediately they believe the degree I am pursuing will qualify me to do clinical research or provide counseling to those in need. In reality, the field I am entering is applicable in any setting where instruction takes place; this includes education, business, government, military, church, etc. At its core this area is for those who are passionate about helping others learn more effectively by utilizing technology in conjunction with the principles of instructional design. Continue reading