This past week I had the opportunity to go to the Open Education Conference in Vancouver, BC. My interest in open ed was first piqued almost two months ago when Dave Wiley came to speak to our Foundations class as part of a series of faculty chats. The idea of openness in education made sense to me. I was intrigued. Two classmates and I decided to go to OpenEd15 to learn more about this field. 

My biggest take-away from the conference is that open is about more than “free” textbooks. (Economics taught me pretty early on that there is no such thing as a free anything. Opportunity cost is always at play!) Open is a way of thinking; it is a way of being more collaborative, innovative, and engaged. Dave Wiley summed it up in one word: generosity.

Some of the schools/organizations that were most interesting to me were OpenStax College, Tidewater Community College’s Z-degree, Lumen Learning, open badges, and the Community College Consortium for OER.

Take some time to learn more about open ed and the influence it can have on your organization, classroom, and teaching philosophy.


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