Recognizing The Importance of Education

One of the first assumptions in economics is that people behave rationally. The principle of rationality means we take all available information and make decisions that aim to maximize our best interest. I have always realized that is a pretty bold assumption because interacting with anybody for at least 5 minutes will disprove it rather quickly. If we were truly rational, would our decisions change? One area I think that would be greatly affected is our personal educational pursuits and our view on education in general. Continue reading

Peer Critique #1

Yesterday I had the opportunity to look at Emily’s project and the progress she has made. I love the idea behind it and thought it looked great (realizing the focus is on functionality for now and not so much on formatting). Not having been a music major myself I cannot fully speak to relevance of it, but based on her motivation for building it and her explanation of its purpose, I believe music students will benefit greatly from a tool like this. While she has made a lot of progress and has great ideas, there were little things I noticed that could help create a more fluid experience. Continue reading